Thursday, November 10, 2011

First Snow

Well, it happened!  It snowed!  I guess winter is here.  And Peyton couldn't be more excited!!  After school yesterday Peyton and Daddy came home and built their first snowman of the season.

Peyton's all time favorite winter activity is eating snow!  He has been talking about it since the snow melted last spring.  "Mom, when is it going to snow so I can eat it?!"  

He spent all of the outside time at school today making snowball and eating them.  I had a nice little chat with all the kids about how we only eat the clean WHITE snow and never the YELLOW snow :)  They thought that was pretty funny when I told them what yellow snow meant :P  

Joel's pretty excited for all the winter time activities he wants to try with Peyton this year.  Apparently we are going to go down hill skiing, ice skating and if cousin Tavis will help, snowboarding!  Here's hoping we make it though the winter in one piece (mainly for Joel!).