Sunday, April 17, 2011


Well, if finally happened.  Today, 4/17 (3.28), I didn't get a picture!  I'm so bummed because we had a fun day.  After church and breakfast with aunts, uncles and cousins, we went to a Puppy Party!  Our friends' pug, Edward, turned 10!  (And that's not in dog years!).  Peyton had fun playing with Nora, a little girl his age.  He didn't really have any interest in the dogs there.  He's never really been a dog kid.  So hopefully we can play with Nora again sometime and get pictures then.

As for the rest of the week, we were pretty busy!
Peyton got to have an extra day of school this week.  Which, at the age of 3 is pretty cool!  Every now and then I will sub for them.  It's fun to be able to go and see Peyton in this environment.  The best part of the day was seeing Peyton write his name!  He's been working so hard on making P's.  And with very little help from me, he wrote every letter in his name!  I was so proud!  I don't have a picture of it right now, but I will get one and post it.  Pretty cool :)  The picture I do have is of Peyton "working" at school.  That is been his thing lately... Having "work to do".  Hopefully this work ethic will stick:)

Wednesday was a big day for Peyton... Or I guess I should say night.  We took down his crib and moved in a big bed!  He was so excited and loves having a big boy bed.  The best part, he can jump on it!  He won't just climb off, he has to jump off.  It's fun.  But it's kind of sad for me.  We don't have a baby any more.  He is growing up fast!  

For his birthday Peyton got his very own camera from Great Grandma.  He loves taking pictures of EVERYTHING!  And he's getting pretty good at it.  Once I get a cord to download his pictures I'll post some.
One of Peyton's favorite games to play is Tag You're It.  We had a great game going today with all 3 of us (usually it's just Mom or Dad and Peyton).   

Today we loaded up the van (again) and headed up to Nana and Papa's.  This time so Peyton can spend the week with Nana while Mom & Dad go on vacation.  Road trips usually consist of watching movies, playing games and singing songs.  And yes, these pictures are from April... pay no attention to the snow out the window.  It's gone, for now... 

So we are hoping that Nana will take some pictures of all their adventures this week.  Sounds like they have some fun things planned :)  

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

3.16-3.22: This & That...

So here I am, 3 weeks into this blog and I'm finding it harder and harder to have fun things to post.  But I still have something from every day of the past week to share.  So here ya go :)

Today was our first trip to the zoo of the season.  We weren't planning on going to the zoo.  We met Sam (a friend from school) to go explore Lake Wingra which is near the zoo.  But it was a windy day and the lake wasn't very exciting this early in spring.  So Peyton and Sam decided we should go check out the bears and monkeys (and a few other animals).  We love the Madison Zoo!  It may be small but it's perfect for us!  Can't wait for the many adventures we'll have there this summer.

We finished up the day with a picnic and playing at the park.  We love spending time with friends from school and are so blessed to have them placed in our lives.


Today was a day I was a little worried I wouldn't have anything to post about.  But have no fear, I remembered I took this picture... 
Peyton has 4 piggy banks at home and 2 at Nana & Papa's house.  He LOVES to put pennies (or whatever he can get people to give him) in his banks.  What happened here was Peyton dropped one of his piggys.  It broke :(  So he's moving them into an new banks.  Kept him occupied for a good chunk of time!  

Today we ventured to Nana & Papa's house.  I was pretty bummed because I wanted to take a picture of Peyton in the van on the way there.  He has a pretty nice ride!  Pillows, toys, books, DVD player, headphones.  So next time we go, I'll make sure to get a picture :)  
The picture I did get was of a first for Peyton.  His first time sleeping on his awesome "ChowPow" air mattress.  He was so excited!  And did a good job (this was his first time not sleeping in crib or pack and play).  He did fall off in the middle of the night.  At least is wasn't too far of a fall :P

All I can say about today is EMILY STEFFEN!  Emily is one of my oldest friends and an amazing photographer.  Today we went out to the state park and Emily took some awesome pictures of Peyton.  Here are a few of my favorites...

Oh!  After pictures we had to go to Culver's to get ice cream.  It was a reward for good behavior!  (Putting it that way doesn't make it sound like I bribed him!)  

Peyton was a little spoiled today with ANOTHER birthday party.  I'm a little concerned he's going to think it's always his birthday.  But we had to have a party with family and friends in Hudson.  Peyton had a great time playing outside with cousins and eating frosting... I mean cake :)  

My picture for today doesn't have to do with what happened.  Today we had to say goodbye to a friend. Mickey the Frog died.  It's really hard to explain to a 3 year old what happened and why you need to say goodbye, but he was very good about it.  He said goodbye and helped me flush him.  He was definitely sad about it, but we still have Minnie Frog.  So that helps.  
The picture I have for today is of the cool sunset.  I can't pass up a picture of a beautiful sunset.  

For his birthday Peyton got a CARS car wash type toy.  You are suppose to use the special cars that change color with warm water.  It's fun, but boy what a mess!  However, watching Peyton play with this made me think back to when I was lucky enough to be able to put water in my Barbie swimming pool!  Yeah, it was fun to pretend there was water, but it was so much better when there was actual water!  So even though it made a mess it was just water.  And we've now made a deal... this is an outside toy!  

Monday, April 4, 2011

Noodles: 3.15

Today after school Peyton and I ventured to the grocery store.  Peyton is usually pretty good when we go, and today we no exception.  He holds my list and coupons and puts thing in the cart for me.  While in the pasta aisle he spotted the "Chow Pow" (what Peyton calls Lightning McQueen from the movie CARS) mac-n-cheese.  This, of course, was almost twice as much as plain mac-n-cheese, but I caved and bought it!  When we got home, Peyton HAD to have it for lunch.  As I dumped the noodles into the boiling water I noticed there was only about half as much as a regular box!  Really??!  But Peyton was pretty excited about the Mater and McQueen noodles!  So I used this as an opportunity.  In the past, Peyton wouldn't eat mac-n-cheese or spaghetti if the noodles weren't elbow or spaghetti.  So I explained to him that it didn't matter what shape the noodles were they tasted the same.  So hopefully in the future he'll be OK with it :)

Spring Break! 3.8-3.14

Peyton had his first spring break last week (3/28-4/1).  The week started off kind of slow.  But it picked up with some play dates with classmates, nice weather and trips to the park.
On Tuesday we went to Keva with Peyton R. and Samantha (and there mom's and sisters, too).  Keva is a huge arena like building with 2 full soccer fields, 2 basketball courts, a bouncy house and indoor play ground.  They kids had so much fun running and playing!  We will be going back!

The fun continued with Peyton R and Samantha with swimming at the YMCA and lunch at our house.  (No swimming pictures.  But the 3 of them were so cute!)
Wednesday afternoon was beautiful!  We spent most of it outside.  Peyton was excited to get his golf clubs out and take a few swings :)  He also thought it would be fun to try to feed the birds; picking up leaves, holding them in the air and yell "Here birdies!  Here birdie birdies!"  So cute!  We also decided to check out the park for the first time this spring.  It was fun to see how adventurous Peyton was this year.  He was climbing and running everywhere! His favorites for the day were the swings and playing hopscotch :)  


Thursday was another nice day.  So Peyton did a little more golfing and playing outside.  While driving over to our friends house to play I hear "Mom!  I made a house!"  He handed me his magna-doodle and sure enough, he drew a horse!  It's so fun to see how good Peyton is getting at drawing and writing.  Makes me one proud mom :)  

After a great week of such nice weather, Friday came.  And it SNOWED!  Peyton was so bummed he sat in the basement watching it snow, crying "But now I can't go golfing!"  Luckily it didn't stick around very long.  And hopefully it won't happen again this spring!

That was the only picture I have from Friday and Saturday.  Friday we drove up to Hudson because Joel was doing some work up there.  We came home Saturday afternoon because Nana and Papa weren't home from their vacation yet.  Peyton and I spent Friday night having pizza with Auntie Lauren and Uncle Tom.  We then went to have breakfast with Grandma Lucy.  I forgot both my camera and phone at home (not good for this project).  So we only have written documentation :) 

The picture I have for Sunday is from dinner at the yummy Mexican restaurant here in Sun Prairie.  We were joined my our friend Chris and Aleisha, who Peyton (and Joel & I) always has a good time with!  Peyton had been in a goofy mood all day and this is the picture I got of him!  
All in all it was a good Spring Break.  Thanks to all the friends who played with us.  We are getting excited for summer and all the fun activities we'll be able to do.