Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Back at it!


Peace Lutheran Preschool Class
We spent this week getting back in the swing of being home.  We dove right in Monday morning with a little field trip at school.  We took the class (Peyton and his girls:)) on a walk around the neighborhood looking for the colors of spring.  Miss Becky & Miss Maggie did a great job keeping the kids engaged while enjoying the sights of spring.
Peyton A. & Peyton R. smelling some flowers
And of course they had to roll down the hill!

The middle of the week was a little slow.  However, I found this blog helps us think of fun ways to fill our time.  We need to have something fun to share :)  Unfortunately we didn't necessarily find a lot of fun things to do this week.  Pretty boring, but still fun pictures :)

Since moving into his big bed, Peyton enjoys playing (mostly jumping) on his bed.  It's also a good place to just hang out and read.   

For his birthday Nana & Papa got him Mickey Mouse Yahtzee!  This was a game I remember playing and loving when I was little.  And Peyton does too!  His favorite is when he gets five of a kind and can yell YAHTZEE!    

This week we've been working on thank you's for Peyton's birthday (yeah yeah... only a month after the fact).  Peyton is getting very good at writing his name!  He can do the P, E, T, and O really well all by himself.  He's getting better at the Y and still asks for help with the N.  Not gonna lie, pretty proud of this one!  

Not sure what the deal is with the Mickey ears... 
Friday brought the start of garage sale season.  Peyton loves to go to garage sales.  And he made his first purchase today.  A "Chow-Pow" (CARS, Lightning McQueen) placemat for 10 cents.  As you can see he was pretty excited about it!
Friday night we had a Tex-Mex night with some friends.  Peyton was such a cute little cowboy.  He walked around the house saying "Howdy Cow Poke"  :)  

Even though the weekend was a chilly one, we managed to get lots of time outside.  Saturday we went to Max & Jenny's house for our first bonfire of the summer.  Peyton also had his first attempt at playing tennis.  It was so nice to run and play and just sit outside.  

Peyton was outside long enough on Sunday to draw a rainbow and mow the grass.  But then he decided it was too cold.  We had to come inside and have hot chocolate... On May 1st!  


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